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TAFE International Western Australia (TIWA) offers high quality nationally recognised courses for international students and is government backed and guaranteed so you can be confident that you have selected a professional and financially secure college.

TIWA has a number of courses (Diploma and Advanced Diploma) that can be packaged with University Degrees. These pathways allow you to have a planned pathway at Vocational Education and Training (VET) and University levels. Upon completion, you will have two qualifications that will give you a competitive advantage in the job market.

This is what Yingjun Lin, a student from China, who studied Diploma of Accounting at TIWA with a pathway into second year Bachelor of Business at Edith Cowan University (ECU) had to say:


Testimonial of Yingjun Lin – TIWA

“I travelled around Australia to Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth before I decided to study in Perth.  Compared with other cities, I prefer Perth. It is totally suitable for me because I want to focus on my study.  I like the blue sky, fresh air, the beautiful and clean river and ocean. The lifestyle in Perth is relaxing. Now I have gotten used to the lifestyle in Perth and I’m enjoying my life here.

I made connections with local Australian students and my English proficiency has improved significantly during my TAFE course. TAFE also has small classes and the lecturers have more time and focus on the students. The teachers were nice and friendly, the courses were industry-related and practical.  The TAFE course was good enough to get an entry level job in a particular industry. I work one day a week as a bookkeeper/office person for a small company.

All of the things I learned at TAFE helped to prepare me for university. After completing my TAFE WA UniPathway course and transitioning to university I felt better prepared than some of my university classmates. I received three high distinctions and one distinction in my first semester at University.

I packaged my TAFE WA UniPathway course with the university bachelor degree on the same visa. It was convenient to organise it all at the same time because I already knew which course I wanted to pursue. I received eight university advanced credits for my TAFE qualifications. This meant that my choice of major and particular minor at university was limited.

There are no university pathway options similar to TAFE WA UniPathways in China. If a student’s English is weak TAFE is a good university pathway option”.



我在TAFE学到的东西帮我为大学阶段的学习做好了准备。在完成西澳TAFE到大学的衔接课程(TAFE WA UniPathways)准备过渡到大学学习时,我感觉自己比班上的其他同学准备得更充分。大学阶段第一学期,我得了三个优秀(HD)和一个良(DI)。


在中国,没有像西澳TAFE到大学的衔接课程(TAFE WA UniPathways)这样的大学衔接课程。如果学生英文不佳,TAFE是升大学的不错选择。”

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