NT’s $15,000 Relocation Offer

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The Northern Territory wants to attract more people to live up north and is offering families more than $15,000 over 5 years to move to NT to work in 53 occupations, listed as high priority jobs.

Singles will receive $3,000, couples will receive $6,000 and families will receive $7,000 as a relocation bonus. After 6 months of living in the NT, a one-off local spending benefit of $1,250 will be offered. After 5 years of living on the NT, singles will receive another $3,000 retention bonus. Couples will receive $6,000 and families will receive $7,000.

The 53 occupations are listed on the NT Skilled Occupation Priority List and are as follows:
1. Chief Executive or Managing Director
2. Aquaculture Farmer
3. Beef Cattle Farmer
4. Sales and Marketing Manager
5. Finance Manager
6. Construction Project Manager
7. Engineering Manager
8. Production Manager (Mining)
9. Chief Information Officer
10. ICT Project Manager
11. Arts Administrator or Manager
12. Environmental Manager
13. Hotel or Motel Manager
14. Retail Manager (General)
15. Accountants
16. External Auditor
17. Human Resource Adviser
18. Training and Development Professional
19. Librarian
20. Aeroplane Pilot
21. Ship’s Engineer
22. Ship’s Master
23. Ship’s Officer
24. Electronics Engineer
25. Mechanical Engineer
26. Early Childhood (Pre-primary School) Teacher
27. University Lecturer
28. Vocational Education Teacher
29. Retail Pharmacist
30. General Practitioner
31. ICT Business and Systems Analysts
32. Software Engineer
33. Database and Systems Administrators, and ICT security Specialists
34. Building Inspector
35. ICT Suport Technicians
36. Motor Mechanic (General)
37. Fitter (General)
38. Plumber (General)
39. Electrician (General)
40. Airconditioning and Refrigeration Mechanics
41. Chef
42. Cook (includes Ethnic Cuisine)
43. Hairdresser
44. Cabinetmaker
45. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Worker
46. Community Worker
47. Disabilities Services Officer
48. Parole or Probation Officer
49. Child Care Worker
50. Aged or Disabled Carer
51. Personal Care Assistant
52. Property Manager
53. Forklift Driver

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