Cairns is a city in the Cairns Region, in Queensland, Australia. Situated on the east coast of Far North Queensland, the city is the 5th most populous in Queensland. Cairns is a popular tourist destination because of its tropical climate and access to the Great Barrier Reef, one of the seven natural wonders of the world.


Cairns experiences hot and humid summers and mild, dry winters.

Summer (December to February) – Average temperatures range from 23.6ºC to 31.4ºC. The wet season starts around December and most of the region’s annual rainfall occurs in the summer months.

Autumn (March to May) – It is still very warm in autumn, with temperatures ranging from 21.5ºC to 29ºC. The rain will subsides from April but it can be windy until August.

Winter (June to August) – With cooler temperatures and low humidity. Average temperatures range from 17.5ºC to 26ºC. There is low rainfall.

Spring (September to November) – This is the end of the dry season when humidity starts to build with the onset of the wet season from December. Temperature ranges from 20.5ºC to 29ºC.

Top Attractions

  • Fitzroy Island
  • Green Island
  • The Great Barrier Reef
  • Chillagoe Cave Tour

Universities in Cairns

  • CQUniversity
  • James Cook University

Study Cairns

Study Cairns is the peak body for international education and training in Cairns, representing organisation, institutions and businesses that are dedicated to providing help and support to students in the Cairns region.